Gurudwara Nanaksar Kaleran, Jagraon (Punjab, India)




Sant Baba Lakha Singh Ji

Sri Nanaksar Gurudwara is situated in Ludhiana District, about 3 kms from the town of Jagraon along the road from Ludhiana to Moga and Ferozepur. Sri Nanaksar made its sacred beginning nearly a hundred years ago, as a humble hut (Kutia) in the thick of a jungle and the presence of a holy Saint Baba Nand Singh ji, a legend of the spiritual world of the Sikh community. His worthy successors-Baba Ishar Singh ji and Baba Sadhu Singh ji carried forward the spiritual legacy of Baba Nand Singh ji and gave peace of mind and solace to millions of devotees for over ten decades. Today, Sri Nanaksar has sprawling institutional and residential complex, a divine sarovar that was completed by Baba Ishar Singh ji in a record time of twenty eight days. Baba Sadhu Singh ji established another institution named as Baba Nand Singh Ishar Singh Charitable Hospital and a magnificent modern Diwan Hall capable of accommodating nearly ten thousand sangat at a time. The earth, the air, the trees of Sri Nanaksar are hallowed by the living spirit of the holy saints, Baba Nand Singh ji and Baba Ishar Singh ji. The grace of Guru is experienced by every visitor to the Gurudwara. There is no tradition for the preparation for the Langar here but the devotees whether a few hundred or few thousands or a few lakhs, never go back without food.

The sacred sound of Gurbani, perpetually emanating from the Sachkhand hall instill an aura of divine purity. Here lives still, one of the most venerable livings saints of the time, Baba Sadhu Singh ji who has served both the holy saints as their Mukh Sewadar. His frails lips over ninety six year old still keep churning out the blessings of holiest elixir “Wahe Guru”, every moment of the day, every moment of the night, for every devotee coming to him.

Baba Sadhu Singh ji has got blessings of Baba Nand Singh Ji and Baba Ishar Singh Ji in his life. That was the great time when he was entrusted the spiritual responsibility and headship of Sri Nanaksar Samprada. Since then Baba Sadhu Singh ji has devoted all his life for the flourishing of Sri Nanaksar.

Baba Sadhu Singh ji has a divine personality whose aim is to carry the spritual glory of Nanaksar to its heights.

Even at this stage when he is going to complete one century of his life, he is still active to serve Sri Nanaksar. He is such a kind of personality that people feel attracted to sit near him.

Today Sri Nanaksar is known all over the world for its spiritual uniqueness. Sri Nanaksar is a center of spreading thoughts of “Gurbani”. There is “ Shri Baba Nand Singh Ishar Singh ji Charitable Hospital” at Sri Nanaksar Kaleran. Baba Sadhu Singh Ji has done all this keeping in view the welfare of humanity. The hospital has a multi story building giving facility for operation and other treatments. Patients become perfectly all right with the blessings of God. “Amrit Parchar Ceremony” is held from time to time. Baba Sadhu Singh Ji gives updesh. He advises the people to do simran and sewa because these are the two wings of devotee’s life.

In the history of Sri Nanaksar the continuous service being done by Baba Sadhu Singh Ji has increased the popularity of Sri Nanaksar.

Baba Lakha Singh Ji stands closest associate to Baba Sadhu Singh Ji. He always remains in the active service of Baba Sadhu Singh Ji. Baba Lakha Singh Ji is a untired spiritual personality dedicated to carry out charitable works for the welfare of humanity. He never lets any chance to go for doing sewa of sangat.

He possesses firm determination and an insight for the completion of various projects being done by Baba Nand Singh Baba Ishar Singh Ji Charitable Trust, being a chairman of the same Trust.

Some times there comes worldly problems but because of politeness and honesty every work is completed with success.

There is no time for rest in his life.

Baba Lakha Singh Ji has special interest for the publication of religious literature. He has published in 4 volumes the holy lectures of Baba Ishar Singh ji given on different times at different places. The audio recording of those times has been given the shape of written words by late Col. Wakil Singh. Baba Lakha Singh got printed these 4 volumes under the title Amuleek Bachan Part –I,II,III,IV.

The second edition of these 4 volumes is being released shortly. Chetan Singh (Deputy Director Punjab Languages Department) is busy for proof reading & printing of these books. The Vth volume of Amuleek Bacham will be released for the first time on the occasion of Barsee Samagam of Baba Ishhar Singh Ji in October 2005.



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