Dhan Guru Nanak Tuhi Nirankar



Baba Nand Singh Ji was one of those great saintly personalities who took birth in October, 1872 to spread the message of the one humanity, peace and love as preached by Guru Nanak in this world. His successor Baba Isher Singh Ji took over his mission with same zeal and devotion. With saintly fervor, he built the sacred shrine and sarovar thus converting the place into an abode of religious harmony. After his departure to the holiest abode of the almighty, Baba Sadhu Singh ji carried forward the noble legacy and built a ‘Charitable Hospital'. Baba Sadhu Singh Ji departed from us on 15th may, 2009 and noble saint Baba Lakha Singh Ji is carrying on with the pious holy mission of his predecessor saints with same zeal, day & night. He is leading a very benevolent social welfare organization named, 'Shri Nanaksar Baba Nand Singh Ishar Singh Charitable Trust Nanaksar (Kaleran).The Trust runs various social welfare activities for betterment of society:-

  • Shri Nanaksar Baba Nand Singh Ishar Singh Charitable Hospital, Nanaksar.
  • "Virdh Ashram" a hermitage for old persons having 101 rooms.
  • Baba Nand Singh College of Gurmat Studies.

Guru Nanak International School is being managed under the ageis of Baba Lakha Singh Ji in the rural area to provide best available education to the deprived children at affordable cost to the parents as a social welfare measure .Guru Nanak International School has spiritual blessings of the noble spirits of great saints beginning with Sant Baba Nand Singh Ji, founder of more than hundred year old ‘Thaath Nanaksar'.


The mission of setting up of Guru Nanak International School (GNIS) is dream come true. It undoubtedly is to offer broad spectrum of knowledge to the nation

Builders. This special school is imparting quality education to the students and also grooming their personalities, shaping their characters and developing their minds to face the challenges of life ahead along with good moral education that is quite a basic need of the hour. Apart from teaching subjects, the school imparts strong bond in Religion and Gurmat for students as it provides platform in bringing out the spiritual being in itself. We have established an institution that is par excellent and at the pinnacle of glory.

The management of the school along with the Principal and worthy staff id working in the direction of making the students excel in every sphere of life in every possible way as education is the basic foundation of human life.

So, my umpteen best wishes are with all the people who are associated with Guru Nanak International School (GNIS). The future belongs to the youth so make it brighter by following the maxim:

"Education should not be a preparation of life, but it should be a life itself".

Baba Lakha Singh Ji


I am very happy to know that Baba Lakha Singh Ji has associated himself with the noble mission of educating the children of rural area at per with best international standards. He is leading a very pious organization (Shri Nanaksar Baba Nand Singh Baba Ishar Singh Charitable Trust, Nanaksar (Kaleran)), which already is carrying out various social welfare activities for the benefits of the society .Baba Ji's  honourable mission of establishing Guru Nanak International School , Halwara is praise-worthy as it will uplift the young minds by imparting Gurmat & knowledge of Sikh and limbibing in them religious tolerance.

I pray to "The Waheguru" to bless this noble mission and extend my best wishes to Baba Lakha Singh Ji, the Management Committee, the Principal, School Staff, parents & students.

Parkash Singh Badal


At Guru Nanak International School, we believe that institute is a nurturing ground for the holistic growth of the learners. The staff is committed to nurture the inherent potential and talent of each child so to make them leaders of tomorrow in their respective fields. Our curriculum consists of a wide spectrum of activities, aiming at the intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual and social development of each student. I feel proud to inform that students of different religions i.e.Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Christians and all castes are studying under one roof without any discrimination.

I seek your co-operation to make this noble mission a success.

Mrs.Balwinder Kaur Sandhu


The aim of the school is to provide best quality education at par with top national & international standards and teach our cultural & moral values to its students to imbibe competitiveness, honesty and discipline. Thus making them excellent, educated human beings and ideal enlightened citizen of India.


  • To educate students with latest smart-class technology.
  • To expand the mental horizon throught exposure of latest educational methods and techniques at par with international standards.
  • To provide education based on intellectual curiosity logical thinking, critical judgement and clarity of expression,both written and spoken.


  • To give equal importance to sports and co-curriculum activities.
  • To develop high sense of team-spirit,co-operation,tolerance,self-control and utmost perseverance in times of difficulties.


  • Develop values of honesty, discipline, truthfulness, ethical, strong moral character.
  • To encourage all students to develop a sense of personal worth, mutual understanding of other, irrespective of social gender or religious differences.


The school is ideally located in an open, pollution free environment on Halwara- pakhowal road, approx. 2kms from Halwara. It is a well landscaped school with open grounds and student friendly ambience. The class -rooms are spacious, ventilated and well-equipped with modern facilities.


  • Smart class enabled teaching.
  • Play areas and sand pits.
  • Play station.


To develop positive attitude, competitiveness and inculcate leadership qualities following activities are undertaken:-

  • House System.
  • Music.
  • Dance.
  • Dramatics
  • Fine Arts.
  • Craft.
  • Public Speaking.
  • Trips / Excursions / Picnics.


  • Moral Education.
  • Personality Development.
  • Verval Skills Development.
  • Inculcate Leadership Traits.
  • Responsibilities towards society.
  • Developing social skills respect for elders, making que, eating etiquettes etc.
  • Traffic rules and safe driving.


  • A parent orientation session is held at the start of every academic year.
  • On last Saturday of every month, parent-teacher sessions are held where parent can walk-in and discuss their child's progress.
  • Finally, the principal and the faculty are always available preferably by appointment to discuss the progress and welfare of the children.
  • Activity rooms.
  • Children friendly furniture.
  • Children friendly washrooms.
  • RO drinking water.


The school runs its own,transport. Pick up points are selected with a view to reducing travel time of the students.


All students undergo a bi-annual check-up and a ‘Health File' is maintained for each student.


Guru Nanak International School offers a quality education at par with best international standards to enable students to handle life situations with positive attitude, dignity and grace.

Presently the school is running classes from Nursery to class VIII and subsequently will be upgraded to class XII. The school offers a broad based curriculum which is designed on C.B.S.E. pattern. Its class size is strictly limited to 25 children. The student - teacher ratio stands at 14:1.

In addition to the emphasis on academics, the school promotes following rigorous curricular programme to develop a healthy mind in a healthy body:-

  • Co-curricular activities.
  • Personal and social education.
  • Teacher-parent -school interaction.
  • Assessment and promotion policies.


  • No formal examination from Nursery to Class VIII.
  • Continuous and comprehensive evaluation system based upon formative and summative assessments.



As on 1st April, the child should be:-

  • 2+ to 3+ years for playway.
  • 3+ to 4+ years for Montessory I.
  • 4+ to 5+ years for Montessory II.
  • 5+ to 6+ years for Class I and so on.


For Pre-Nursery and Montessory I

(i) Municipal Birth Certificate (Original).

(ii) Valid Proof of Place Residence (Attested Copy).

(iii)Three passport size coloured photos of student.

(iv) Two colured photos of parents / guardian.


Additional documents required:-

(i)    Transfer Certificare from previous school ( original).


Following additional documents are required:-

(i)    Passport valid for the period of class session (Attested Copy).

(ii)    Visa valid for the period of class session (Attested Copy).

(iii)    Health Certificate.


Prescribed uniform is sold by the supplier in the school premises. Date and time for availability of the uniform is notified at the time of admission. Parents are advised to buy the same from the school to maintain uniformity in colour and pattern of the uniform



  • Light Blue Shirt half Sleeves.
  • Denim Blue Plain Shorts (With Galace & Bib For Nursery to 1st).
  • Dark Blue Socks with Stripes.
  • Dastar Shoes with laces.
  • Black Shoes with Laces.
  • Belt.
  • Tie.
  • From 6th to 8th pant.


  • Light Blue Shirt half Sleeves.
  • Denim Blue Plain Tunic/Skirt.
  • Dark Blue Socks with Stripes.
  • Ribbons & Light Blue Handkerchief.
  • Black Shoes with Buckles.
  • Belt.
  • Tie
  • From 6th to 8th suit with duptta and scarf.



  • Light Blue Shirt Full Sleeves.
  • Grey Woolen Shorts or Pants (2nd to 5th no bib).
  • Woollen Socks with Stripes.
  • Dastar-Light Blue.
  • Black Shoes with Laces.
  • Belt.
  • Tie
  • From 6th to 8th Woolen Grey Pant.
  • Grey V-neck Sweater (Readymade).


  • Light Blue Shirt Full Sleeves.
  • Grey Woollen Tunic (2nd to 5th skirt).
  • Woollen Socks with Stripes.
  • Ribbons & Light Blue Handkerchief.
  • Black Shoes with Buckles.
  • Belt.
  • Tie.
  • From 6th to 8th suit with duppta and scarf.
  • Grey V- neck Sweater (readymade).